Letter: Some food for thought to the powers that be in Kamloops


I recently learned the Salvation Army Food food truck has been asked to move yet again because of it being in an inconvenient location.

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First, however, let’s talk about the last time the Sally Ann was asked to move its truck, which feeds the needy.

It was not so long ago that the city, due to business pressure, moved the truck from a very unobtrusive site in a lane next to the former Kamloops Daily News property.

The Salvation Army has been serving the poor and homeless in Kamloops for 100 years. Let’s not forget the organization was there for the long haul during the 2017 wildfire crisis, serving thousands of displaced homeless residents.

So why is it that when it comes to a simple, twice per week, one hour a day (6 p.m. to 7 p.m.), after business hours food truck service, a compassionate, Christian gesture is so hard for the city and the business community to stomach?

Is it because the sight of people lined up outside a food truck is so disgusting to see? I see our citizens lining up outside commercial food trucks directly on our streets and sidewalks and those folks and trucks don’t get pushed aside.

The answer is simple — people pay for their food from commercial food trucks because it’s business.

The Salvation Army is also in business — the business of providing free food and support to those in need.

The Sally Ann also serves seniors with mobility issues who cannot make the trek to the new North Shore location.

I wonder how the North Shore business community feels about that?

I would like to know from Kamloops council whether it was aware of this move. Did council support it? If yes, why?

I’m neither a Christian, nor a spiritualist. I’m an atheist speaking up for human rights, the right for the poor, seniors and homeless to be food- and housing-secure.

I call out to Christians and other religious groups to stand up for and with those struggling to make ends meet in our city,

As the Bible says, “The last shall be first.”

Let’s all get in line and support a downtown location for the Salvation Army food truck.

Glenn Hilke

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