Letter: Tackling climate change has to be a bottom up endeavour


After reading that Kamloops Coun. Arjun Singh will be running on a promise to adhere to the Paris climate accord (‘Singh stakes seat on climate change stance,’ June 28), I wondered how governments can expect us to believe they can, or will, do something about the climate when it usually involves us paying more in taxes with nice, comfortable-sounding names, like carbon tax.

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Ninety-two per cent of this will be put on our backs, with industry on the hook for eight per cent. Certain big polluters somehow don’t need to pay.

Fourteen years ago, the B.C. Liberals introduced the carbon tax. That money now goes into general revenue. I’m not aware of it having any effect on the climate thus far.

The federal Liberals are running for re-election on a climate emergency platform.

Again, whether you believe there is an actual emergency or not is beside the point. My point is, can we believe any government can have any effect on the global climate?

When I toss a tiny piece of plastic into the garbage, I imagine this tiny piece becomes something formidable when multiplied by seven billion.

Whichever party is elected in October will be faced with attempting to help us clean up our consumer-waste issues.

Sending it to Asia, then lecturing those countries on the climate won’t help anything.

I joined — then left — Greenpeace many years ago, not because I don’t care about the planet, but because I saw a willful blindness of environmentalists to the welfare of ordinary people.

I can’t afford to drive electric cars, but I did build a straw bale house, of which I am extremely proud.

There are, sadly, only a handful of these in the Kamloops area, in spite of people expressing interest in this recyclable, sustainable building method.

We all need to keep open minds, which becomes increasingly difficult as we all fall into step with the climate evangelicals. Each of us can be the difference in cleaning up our planet, not someone else, somewhere else. I see the solutions to be bottom up, not top down.

The federal Liberals have sadly proven that talk is cheap. It has become difficult to believe their version of dealing with global warming, with more taxes and more hot air — but I fear nothing will change except the excuses.

If each person made one small change — stop throwing garbage out of the car, start composting discarded food, read up on subjects we are not informed about — we can make a difference.

Don’t wait for the politicians.

Ken Wells


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