Letter: Teachers should not put up with abuse from students


I certainly got an earful listening to The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright on CBC Radio recently.

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Teachers are being physically attacked and threatened in the classroom on a daily basis by dear, little children.

They are being kicked, pushed, hit, cursed, spit at and threatened by out-of-control children.

What is a teacher to do? 

Apparently, not much.

Students have no consequences for bad behaviour.

Many of these children have emotional problems because parents are not there for them. 

Children vent their frustrations, rage and grief on their teachers.

Many parents do not teach their children respect for others.

Incidentally, the majority of today’s teachers are women and many of them are leaving the profession because they are fed up with the abuse.

No one seems to be supporting teachers. Apparently, principals and school boards want to avoid conflict and bad publicity, so they ignore and gloss over the conflict teachers experience on the front lines.

Meanwhile, parents blame teachers for their children’s bad behaviour.

Ask yourself: what kind of parent are you? Are you present in your child’s life? Do you give your children boundaries and teach them to respect others?

Are you there to show them love and make them feel safe? 

Don’t be an absent parent and expect teachers to raise your child. 

Your child is your responsibility. Don’t blame teachers for your failures.

In defence of teachers, I would humbly suggest all classrooms and hallways be monitored with video cameras.

Then, what is actually going on is there for all to see and cannot be ignored or justified by parents and principals.

This would be a strong deterrent in helping stop abuse against teachers.

It would also provide a deterrent to the abuse children suffer at the hands of their bullying classmates.

Claudette Laffey

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