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Very seldom do I read Kamloops This Week’s letters to the editor page and agree with every missive. 

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In the Feb. 27 edition, the letter from Desiree Maher-Schley (‘Righting 450-year-old wrong’) certainly hit the nail on the head with her comments on the lack of teaching on the theft of Indigenous rights because we still use the colonists’ doctrine of Terra Nullius (unoccupied land). It was put in motion by papal bull around 1450 and continued by every greedy, land-hungry Christian nation since then. Truth and Reconciliation can only be gained by exposing this doctrine as untrue and irreconcilable.

It must be included in school curricula so future citizens are aware of the legitimacy of First Nations’ land claims. I wish I had written that letter.

Then, just below was a letter from Mac Gordon (‘Let’s turn the slough into an outdoor pool’), which was a very thoughtful, low-cost, low-maintenance idea that would keep residents swimming in the summer and skating in the winter by using river energy to fill and empty.

I wish I had thought of that.

To the left of those letters was a well-written summary of Western Canada Theatre’s production of Buddy — The Buddy Holly Story. My daughters had waxed eloquent over this play a couple of days ago, but procrastination hit me again and we missed this musical delight.

I wish I had seen it.

A lot of wishes and not much action.

I wish to thank the editor for almost an entire page of engaging letters.                                                                                                                                      

Ian MacKenzie


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