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Letter: Thanks, Kamloops council, for an important decision

The community’s climate action plan needs to be followed


 I wish to express my thanks to Kamloops city councillors and the mayor for their deep engagement with the suppletory budget item supporting the community’s climate action plan.

It is obvious our elected representatives have done their homework. They heard the concerns of many present at a recent community conversation — indeed, the record number of responses and submissions, representing the large amount (almost 90 per cent in favour) of support for the climate action plan, was mentioned more than once.

 Mayor and council studied the online responses and other submissions from individuals and community groups. More than one representative noted their own struggles with supporting significant funding to the plan, a community-based initiative agreed to unanimously last year.

There are many priorities demanding our attention and support in these challenging times.  While the decision was not unanimous, all councilors tested both the political waters and their own conscience.

With that decision, Kamloops took another important step in showing municipalities across Canada and elsewhere in the world can affect real, urgent and tangible changes to the way we do business and live and move together.

Thanks also to city staff who continue to work hard behind the scenes to get us moving in a great direction.

 Ken Gray