Letter: The abortion debate will never be settled


Two things in editor Christopher Foulds’ column of May 22 (‘The abortion debate continues’) do not ring true:

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1. That the abortion issue is “settled,” according to our Conservative MP, Cathy McLeod.

It’s not settled and never will be.

All of our political leaders are craven cowards who won’t lift a finger to offer even a sliver of protection to babies in the womb.

If someone stabs a nine-months pregnant woman in the stomach with the express intent of killing the baby, and does so, they cannot be charged with murder.

Canada is one of the only countries on the planet with no legal prohibition whatsoever for taking the life of the unborn.

2. Foulds’ position that we “should never tell a woman what to do about her own body” is a red herring.

There is another body involved, with a heartbeat, brainwaves and his or her own unique DNA.

An unborn baby is a living person, entirely helpless and dependent.

And they are cruelly slaughtered by the thousands, mostly because they are inconvenient.

That is about as morally heinous an act that exists.

Chris Kempling

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