Letter: Tired of getting smoked out in Logan Lake


Our lives are limited again here in Logan Lake.

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Once again, we are dipped in smoke and stink.

We have been exposed to smoke from burning around Logan Lake since the middle of November, but last weekend was unbearable.

The controlled burning started on Nov. 28 northeast of Logan Lake and the wind brought the smoke to our village.

Forest companies not only devastate our forests and take trees that consume CO2, more CO2 is created by burning the waste left behind, rather than taking it away and using the material in more sustainable ways.

This obsolete practice creates even more pollution, which should be mitigated.

Nothing is being done to improve the air quality. It is getting worse. We have to breathe the air full of smoke, especially at night, when the air is thick with it.

I cannot enjoy my daily way of living — hanging laundry outside, walking and letting fresh air inside because there is none, Meanwhile, people are still allowed to idle their vehicles.

We have to pay all kinds of taxes, such as eco fees, so we can support these practices?

Vera Durst
Logan Lake

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