Letter: Tree terrorists in Kamloops should be shamed


The KTW article of Aug. 9 (‘Attack on trees kills 11 mature pines’) notes that urban terrorists attacked our city’s trees in Aberdeen.

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The fact is these trees have been there a long time, likely before many residents moved in, thus they knew the view was obstructed when moving to that part of Aberdeen.

Their desire to remove these trees is wanton selfishness. These entitled people need to be found, shamed, fined and given community service.

The city needs to get its act together to ensure we have trees and that they are protected — in public and private spaces.

Heritage trees give us so much. Why are we giving out tree coupons if we are not protecting the ones we have growing already?

In the meantime, the city needs to get these trees a lot of water to help save them from the poison that was poured in.

Lots of daily water might save them from dying.

Stephen Karpuk

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