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Letter: Upset that trees will be removed

Tree bylaws must be drawn up to protect all mature trees from this  indiscriminate and irrational clearcutting


I was deeply upset to hear of the possible clearcutting of mature trees in the urban ecosystem along Royal Avenue in North Kamloops to make way for a condo development.

Mature trees are essential buffers to climate change and must be protected by bylaws.

I am now deeply horrified to learn that residents of condo development in Brocklehurst have been told that removing six conifer trees is the only option to prevent their building from burning to the ground.

This is outrageous, of course, and if this rationale was applied to all of Kamloops, it could mean the clearcutting of thousands of trees.

Go to the firesmart.bc website.

It recommends various mitigation strategies to cope with wildfire possibility, none of which involve clearcutting conifers. Thinning and cutting of dead branches, removal of pine needles and cones and the vertical spacing and horizontal spacing between trees are all recommended FireSmart strategies.

Tree bylaws must be drawn up to protect all mature trees from this  indiscriminate and irrational clearcutting.

All our mature trees have essential benefits to all of us:

• They shade us from hot radiant heat and harmful UV radiation;

• They reroute hot convection currents and cool the air under them. Imagine a city with zero shade trees. The demand for air conditioning would be immediate and huge and would paradoxically heat up the city even more;

• They suck up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and give off oxygen as a bonus;

• They provide habitat and nesting sites for small song birds, mammals and insects;

• They provide aesthetic beauty and a psychological calming for us, especially during these difficult times.

Creating a moonscape on properties is not acceptable.

Ron Harshman