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Letter: Use $15-million windfall to upgrade roads in Kamloops

Roadwork backlog needs serious addressing


Upon reading in KTW of the more than $15 million coming to the City of Kamloops from the provincial one-time Growing Communities Fund, I’d like to suggest that the city take a serious look at dealing with some of the roadwork backlog.

Since moving to Kamloops five years ago, it has become an annual tradition to watch the same neighbourhood potholes, cracked pavement and depressions emerge in the spring. Patching these requires the same city crews and taxpayer money year after year.

Yes, we are a winter city and regular road upkeep is required. But surely a portion of the coming funding could be used to upgrade the quality of roadwork materials being used in order to fix potholes and roads in more sustainable and cost-effective fashions, in order to reduce the road rework done every year.

Myles Savoie