Letter: We demand a healthy community


We have the innate right to breathe fresh, clean air.

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It’s torture watching the new leaves of spring branches bend to the will of the wind on the other side of the glass.

We dare not open the window again for fear of the poison in the air.

Our bodies know when they are being poisoned.

It’s torture to be jolted awake from a deep, cozy slumber by the poison slithering through our body, forcing us to close the window and shut out the cool, dewy, morning breeze.

Our bodies know when they are being infected. It’s our instinct to know when our body is dying.

It’s torture throwing open the window at the first sign of a warm spring day and choking on the repulsive stench of human excrement or noxious sewer gases.

It’s torture to then spend hours on end opening and closing the window, peering out hesitantly, delicate nose first, hoping and praying for mercy.

Some of us were born in Kamloops and some of us have made this wonderful city our home.

Regardless, we all began this journey when we entered this world and we all have crossed oceans of time to get here, to this moment, to live among good people, to live safely, to live honestly, to live our lives and our passions in good health and happiness.

Sewer sludge doesn’t belong in Turtle Valley any more than it does in Kamloops.

Smokestacks that spew out pure poison into our air do not belong in Kamloops, either.

Cities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and many other European nations have successfully managed their air and land pollution and I’m wondering if any of the officials in Kamloops have ever done any reading about the already existing solutions.

The threat is real and solutions are available. The only question remaining is why Kamloops officials are still refusing to implement effective regulations to eliminate pollution in our city.

We are demanding the freedom to open our windows and go about our lives breathing in the healthiest air these mountains and rivers can deliver.

We are demanding the freedom to live disease-free.

We are demanding the right to breathe clean air.

Cindy Allan

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