Letter: We must limit the use of plastics


Several weeks ago, St. John Vianney’s Justice Committee sent a letter to all the supermarkets in Kamloops.

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The letter identified the large amount of plastic wrap used in the stores, especially in the produce departments, and asked the managers if they had a strategy to eliminate the use of plastic and, where necessary, to use a substitute.

The committee also indicated it would be happy to open a dialogue with the stores regarding the issue.

Unfortunately only one store, Nature’s Fare, replied.

The committee was pleased to learn the store is now using organic wrap in its produce department and continues to look at new innovations to eliminate as much plastic as possible.

The Nature’s Fare manager also stated that using organics is more expensive.

Other stores did not acknowledge the letter sent to them.

This suggests that most of the stores are at a loss as to how to lower the amount of plastic used, while keeping their competitive edge.

All of which suggests it is time for governments to enact regulations on plastics used in supermarkets.

Regulation would have the following benefits:

• create a level playing field for all companies;

• lower the amount of plastics being produced and, by so doing, lessen our dependence on oil, and thus lowering CO2 emissions;

• protect the environment from the huge amount of plastics finding their way into our oceans, thus protecting fish and other wildlife;

• lessen the volume of landfills.

There is no doubt we depend on plastics and will continue to do so.

There is ongoing research into biodegradable plastics and infinitely recyclable plastics, which one day may eliminate the terrible burden they impose on our health and the planet.

In the meantime, we must limit the use of plastics.

St. John Vianney Justice Committee


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