Letter: Welcoming women to lead pastor positions


I wish to commend the Free Methodist Church for calling a lead pastor who happens to be a woman.

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I know other churches in Kamloops have also taken this step.

While I am aware there are some in the Christian community who might disagree with this, I want to lend my support.

The Apostle Paul was trained and assisted by Ananias and Sapphira (a woman). Among the many Apostles who are named in the New Testament, subsequent to the first 12 Apostles, is a woman named Junia (Romans 16:7). My point is this: if a woman could instruct the Apostle Paul, and if a woman could serve in the first century as an Apostle, surely we can recognize them today as spiritual leaders among us.

My own life story includes an evangelist who happened to be a woman. She was the speaker at the church service I attended in Newmarket, Ont., on a Sunday evening in 1976. It was during her message that I felt the call of God on my heart to devote my life to Christian service. I completed my law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School in 1977 and went immediately to seminary. I was ordained in 1979 and served as a pastor for 19 years.

I returned to the field of law in Kamloops in 1998. I have now retired from my second profession. I am still a believer and my faith is at the very core of my life.

I wish all the best to Pastor Shelly Utz. I am grateful she has accepted the call of God and has chosen to minister here.

Bruce Swanson

retired lawyer and former pastor


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