Letter: When will city give Out of the Cold the nod to open shelter in Kamloops?


Am I the only person in Kamloops wondering what is happening to city approval for this year’s Out of the Cold shelter for the homeless?

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Why is approval to use the Canadian Mental Health Association building on Seymour Street taking so long?

I’ve been a volunteer with Out of the Cold for some time and want to make plans to do so again.

What appears to be the problem?

I am reminded of a scene from A Christmas Carol, in which two men “are endeavouring to provide some comfort and warmth” to those without.

Scrooge, you might recall, delivers plenty of words, but no help.

Maybe if and when the city allows the doors to be opened to the shelter, city council members and staff might want to drop in and see what good work Out of the Cold staff and volunteers do

It’s not as if the program’s guests have many safe options at this time of the year. I sometimes walk down by the river. That’s truly a cold place to sleep. And is it safe at night?

I know, I know — there are other beds available to people without a warm place.

But some such programs have various restrictions on who can occupy a mattress.

According to the temperatures this week and the immediate forecast, answers from city hall can’t come a moment too soon.

Christina Mader


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