Letter: Which religion would find a rainbow offensive?


Re: Ingrid Rice’s editorial page cartoon of June 21, as seen above:

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The Pride flag has six colours.

It is correctly depicted in Rice’s cartoon, missing indigo, but it would not be in the sky. 

An actual rainbow has seven colours (ROYGBIV, as every school child knows).

Indigo, the missing colour, has great symbolism. It conveys justice, wisdom, integrity, devotion and impartiality.

The rainbow, with its seven colours, the number of completeness, was a gift of God.

It was and remains a perpetual symbol of His promise to never again destroy the world with a flood.

The seven-coloured rainbow is a Christian and Jewish symbol, so I’m unsure which religion would find an actual rainbow offensive.

Perhaps Rice could clairfy this.

Chris Kempling

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