Letter: Workers' rights assaulted by federal Liberal government


The federal government has spoken — the people’s right to shop has trumped the right to collective bargaining.

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EBay has a louder voice than the Charter of Rights. This is the lesson learned last week in Ottawa.

Postal workers were conducting rotating strikes, legal strikes, that were meant to inconvenience the public and Canada Post.

These strikes going on for five weeks did that, slightly inconvenience the public. Mail continued to move from coast to coast, if a little slower. Packages were being delivered from outside the country and from across town.

People will have you believe the very life essence of commerce was affected.

It wasn’t.

Many small businesses were still shipping packages, with the note it may be a day or two longer.

There was no crisis.

Management would have you believe there were 600 trailers of mail. Then, on Saturday morning there were 500 trailers of mail. Then, in the afternoon, there were only 395 trailers of mail.

All of this was reported by Canada Post, yet workers from across the country were reporting no backlog, with one location even stating management was offering time off without pay because there was no work for them.

How strange.

There’s more than a million packages backlogged, stated the CEO of Canada Post.

Last year there were 41 days on which employees delivered more than a million parcels a day, with the top day being 1.8 million.

So as the president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers stated: “That’s our Monday.”

The Charter of Rights states that people have the right to collective bargaining.

It’s been upheld twice in court. This will be the third try for government. Most likely it will be ruled as violating the Charter.

That will come in the future, too late for the 300 or so workers who will probably get injured this holiday season, 300 workers who want to go home safe at the end of the day, but won’t because the right to shop outweighed the right to be safe.

There was no backlog. There was no one named Jack who wasn’t getting his cheque. There was no need for legislation.

Here’s one more truth for KTW readers — there will be no labour peace at Canada Post as long as legislation is possible.

Michael Martin


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