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Letter: Young man is an inspiration to all

He helped my husband with a vehicle issue and did it all for nothing more than a glass of ice water


In the news, we often hear about citizens misbehaving. We have an example of the opposite that happened.

On the Friday before the Labour Day long weekend, my husband was in Sahali. He is almost 90 and fragile.

When he left the store and drove out of the parking lot, he did not see a curb and drove over it. He soon noticed his car was driving on a left wheel rim.

He immediately parked in a brake check area for trucks on Summit Drive. Right then, a big truck with a box trailer pulled up behind him and a young man stepped out and offered to help.

My husband called BCAA, but got nowhere. The young man said he had to deliver a car to Brocklehurst and would return — if my husband was still there, he would help him.

While my husband waited, passersby offered help, including a neighbour who gave him bottled water.

After a while, the young man returned. He loaded our car — a Grand Marquis Mercury — in the trailer, helped my husband into the truck and drove to the tire shop we use in North Kamloops, which turned out to be closed for the long weekend.

The young man then continued to our home in Westsyde, where he unloaded our car and rotated and inflated three tires and the spare.

He did all of that for a glass of ice water. I told him, “You gave your knowledge, your tools and your time. Let me pay you as we are overfilled with gratitude.”

He refused and explained, “That would take my joy away from helping you out.”

That young man, Rob Getz, is an inspiration.

Christina and Jan Schijf