Letters: Curse the carbon tax


Will B.C. taxpayers finally wake up?

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The provincial governments have transferred the outcomes of their longtime frauds and scandals to ordinary taxpayers, be they ever-increasing rates at ICBC and BC Hydro or money laundering.

There are also all sorts of taxes, of which No. 1 is rising carbon tax.

The ordinary public does not have another choice of transportation, unless one wants to get from Vancouver to Kamloops on a bike.

Public transportation is insufficient, so we have to take a car, fill it with gasoline and pay the carbon tax. There is no other choice.

Why isn’t the money collected from carbon tax being invested in more buses for community transportation for our streets and roads so we can leave our cars at home? Why is the money not invested in real green energy, like solar panels, wind turbines, etc.? We wouldn’t have to use so much electricity from corrupt BC Hydro. Why are solar panels still so expensive?

Add into the mix summer wildfires, harmful and wasteful controlled burning, pipelines, mines and dams. Why is idling — another big pollution creator — still allowed?

All of the above can be changed by government, not ordinary citizens, yet we are forced to pay carbon tax into the provincial government’s general revenue.

Only some of it is going to where it should.

Nothing being done to stop us from speeding toward disaster.

Nothing is changing except the climate.

Vera Durst

Logan Lake

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