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No winners in televised debate

Who was the winner of Monday night's televised debate between the provincial leaders?

Liberals are shirkers

An unsavoury trend appears to be developing during this provincial election campaign.

It's a practice swing

Awesome is the only way to describe the official opening of Sun Rivers Golf Course last Thursday.

Alarms about insulin not true

The adage "the medicine may be worse than the disease" occurred to many people after a recent report on the CBC's Marketplace suggested human insulin could be deadly to people with diabetes.

Tax cuts ineffective unless spending cut, too

The brouhaha about economist David Bond's comments on proposed provincial Liberal tax cuts both missed an important point and raised several at the same time, but, before exploring that angle, let's first examine the issue of tax cuts and their effec

Day's done

Stock's days are numbered.

Liberals wrong to look to public sector for health care

If the polls are correct, the BC Liberals will form the next government while the same surveys reveal voters' top concerns are the economy/tax cuts and health care.

Slow drivers down

If we want to save lives in Valleyview, we have to slow East Trans-Canada Highway motorists down.

Readers voice opinions

Only one way to stop violence

Put safety first

The need for improvements at the Valleyview intersections of the East Trans-Canada Highway was proven once again Thursday.