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Let's work to help

We're all saddened and shocked over the people killed in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, but I hope our hearts don't entirely rule our heads here.

Yes, no, please vote

The issue has divided this city.

Race-card rhetoric

If there is an easier way to dismiss criticism of an idea or policy than by playing the race card, politicians have not yet invented it.

Computing the waste

It's a standard reaction these days.

Air Canada is wrong

There's no reason for taxpayers to pay the price for bad business. Yet, this is exactly what seems to be going on in both the United States and Canada.

Time to rethink

Kamloops could find itself in a real pickle over the construction of a $69-million water-treatment plant.

Police don't need designer vehicles

British Columbia's police will have to make do without a budget increase this year; apparently, money is tight, even though we must have realized some revenue from selling all those now-useless photo-radar vans.

Big bucks for books

Let's say you're a student who's finished Grade 12 and is ready to hit University College of the Cariboo to continue your education.

Pedalling for pop

In April 1993, after 57 years of an active life, our father, Norman Kopec, was diagnosed with emphysema.

Heed the signs

Some Kamloopsians have a potentially deadly medical condition.