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Tax cuts not evil

Since Ujjal Dosanjh has conceded the election, it's time to look ahead and ponder the proposed tax cuts by the Liberals.

Angry judge penalizes Revenue Canada

Outraged Ontario Court Judge Donald MacKenzie assessed the highest legal costs ever against a government department, ordering Revenue Canada to pay $230,000 to a man it had unfairly pursued for back taxes.

Deal best for now

We believe, as most people do, nurses are worth more than they are currently getting paid.

Leave NAFTA now

Fellow British Columbians, don't be fooled by election promises of tax cuts as a cure-all.

'Net nation now in city

Many people live in a fully wired world.

NAFTA hurts workers

While the leaders of the hemisphere gathered in Quebec City to set the course of a free-trade agreement of the Americas (FTAA), editorialists were once again waxing eloquent about the benefits of free trade and globalization.

Forestry matters

In Kamloops and across the province, British Columbians are getting the message during the provincial election - forestry is everybody's issue.

No winners in televised debate

Who was the winner of Monday night's televised debate between the provincial leaders?

Liberals are shirkers

An unsavoury trend appears to be developing during this provincial election campaign.

It's a practice swing

Awesome is the only way to describe the official opening of Sun Rivers Golf Course last Thursday.