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Only one way to stop violence

Put safety first

The need for improvements at the Valleyview intersections of the East Trans-Canada Highway was proven once again Thursday.

And they call it puppy love

Between taking my daughter's puppy out for a drag and chasing a little white ball, I've been getting a lot of exercise these days.

Best way to fix health-care system is ask those who use it

What is needed to save Canada's universal health-care system?

Are we ready?

After five years of sitting on pins and needles, the day of reckoning is in sight for Gordon Campbell.

Time to wake up

While many countries hold Canada up as the standard bearer of democracy worldwide, the federal government appears intent on tarnishing this reputation.

Reason for Easter

What do you think of when you think of Easter?

It was a week to remember

By now, most of you know we had a break-in at Kamloops This Week last Sunday morning.

UCC status an issue

The reasoning at University College of the Cariboo is fairly simple.

New wealth survey should wake up everyone

Statistics Canada's new survey of financial security the first comprehensive study of personal assets and debts since 1984 paints a shocking portrait of the skewed distribution of wealth in Canada, but it says almost nothing about the reasons for thi