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Bernard Landry huffs and puffs

When Quebec deputy premier Bernard Landry called the Canadian flag "bits of red rag" earlier this week, he caused quite a stir in the nation's capital.

Get ready, Gordon

The race for the right to represent the Kamloops constituency after the next provincial election is on.

Let's get together

At a time when it seems every second story deals with First Nations protests, disagreements and disputes with federal and provincial governments or public and private groups, Wildhorse Town shines like a beacon.

Nash, Dosanjh and Wal-Mart hypocrites

"Being a hypocrite has marvelous advantages!" Some cheers and jeers to start the year.

Thank Brian for gas cost


Readers give opinions

Wake up, West

Federal government needs to step up to plate and help highway

Many thoughts and issues have been raised in the aftermath of the tragic bus/transport accident near Revelstoke, which took the lives of six people on Nov. 27, 2000.

Reward fat-trimming

Thanks to the previous council's decision to stay away from municipal tax increases, this year's council is faced with tough decisions.

Big Brother is hiding in new places

Big Brother is watching you, but this time it's not the government.

Morning-after pill safe

You've taken the precautions. You are on the pill, used a condom, were fitted for a diaphragm or have an IUD. But something went wrong, and despite your best efforts, you're afraid you could be facing an unplanned pregnancy You have three options.