Kayer twins of Savona making mark on B.C. motocross scene

Kaylie Kayer is the 2019 and 2020 Future West Moto B.C. ladies’ division champion; twin sibling Jaiden is making strides

Kaylie and Jaiden Kayer were amped for the photoshoot, with KTW photographer Dave Eagles perched to capture 16-year-old twin sisters ripping around a wet and muddy corner on a crisp October day at Whispering Pines Motorsports Compound.

The moto-money shot came at Jaiden’s expense, with Kaylie, the elder by about 60 seconds, making the turn first to shower her younger sister in sloppy soil.

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Jaiden, her white riding gear sullied, wiped sludge from her face shield and revealed half-hearted discontent with several choice words before the siblings shared a laugh.

The interaction was a telling glimpse of their motocross relationship.

Kaylie — the 2019 and 2020 Future West Moto B.C. ladies’ division champion — has the lead when it comes to results.

Kaylie and Jaiden Kayer
Kaylie Kayer gives twin sister Jaiden a mudbath on Wednesday at Whispering Pines Motorsports Compound. - Dave Eagles/KTW

“Jaiden is not always so competitive, like me,” Kaylie said. “She’s always just a little bit behind, not so aggressive on the track like I am, where I can go and push as hard as I can.

“I have no fear at all, where Jaiden is just a little bit more timid, cautious, where I’m not. I’ll just go out there and send it.”

Jaiden provided similar analysis.

“She’s much more competitive and kind of aggressive than me,” Jaiden said. “Last year, she used to lap me lots. This year, she doesn’t lap me. It’s nice. But when she did lap me, I’d be like, ‘Yes, there’s Kaylie. She’s going up front!’ It’s just fun. She makes me motivate myself to ride more and more.

"I want to be just like her one day.”

There were four stops on the 2020 Future West provincial circuit, which was truncated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each was held at Whispering Pines and Kaylie won them all. Jaiden wound up ninth overall, improving on her 12th-place finish last year.

Kaylie ran away with the overall title in 2019, with three gold medals, four silver medals and one 11th-place finish in the eight-stop season. Events were held in Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Mission, Prince George, Pemberton, Williams Lake and Quesnel.

“It gets my adrenaline going,” Kaylie said. “I love jumping and being in the air. That always gets me going. Even watching people ride makes me excited.”

Kaylie races against the boys in the 250 junior class on the Future West series. She placed 13th overall in 2020, a substantial improvement on her 36th-place finish in 2019.

“I got that side, no fear, like wanting to go out there and jump everything, from my dad,” Kaylie said. “When I broke my wrist, it was a little bit of a setback. I just love to go out there and jump and rail the corners as fast as I can.”

They were three years old when father Jason bought them their first bike. If only he knew what that purchase would mean for his wallet.

“You owe me mechanic bills,” Kaylie said, mimicking her dad.

Kaylie took to the sport first, said mom, Dawn, but it wasn’t long before both developed a love for off-road racing.

“It’s super cool because you always have someone to go out riding with at the track,” said Kaylie, noting she is forever thankful for mom and dad’s Savona-based taxi service. “We’re always pushing each other. I’m always telling Jaiden, ‘Oh, you can do this,’ and she’s telling me, ‘You should do that.’”

Both South Kamloops secondary students began competitive motocross racing three years ago. Kaylie was first onto a four-stroke Husqvarna 250. Jaiden was right behind her.

Now both of their steeds have nicknames.

“My Princess,” said Jaiden, who, along with her sister, was profiled this fall online at directmotocross.com. “It’s just my baby. I just love it. I’ve just always been like, ‘Don’t touch my Princess.’

“I’m getting top 15 now. My goal is to be top three and battling with my sister. I’m getting more aggressive as I go on. Each time I go out and ride, I see a big improvement.”

Kaylie, who calls her bike The Rocket, considers her top result a ninth overall finish on the Western Canadian portion of the 2019 National Rockstar Triple Crown Series, which features some of the top riders in North America.

She placed seventh at the Kamloops race, her top finish on the four-stop circuit, which also included events in Alberta and Manitoba.

The pandemic wiped out the 2020 Western Canadian Triple Crown series, but Kaylie has her eyes on the podium in 2021, with a longer-term goal of becoming the fastest woman in Canada.

Familiar competition will be at her heels.

“She should be worried off the starts,” Jaiden said. “I get really good starts now. Hopefully, next year I can get her a little nervous that I’m coming at her.”

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