Questions with Connor — Zary of Blazers talks celebrations, music, hypothetical fights and more

Kamloops Blazers’ forward Connor Zary spent a few minutes answering quick-hitter questions from KTW before practice on Wednesday:

KTW: What is your go-to goal celebration?
CZ: It depends on the type of goal. If it’s a big goal, if there is a lot of energy in the building, it’s a one-knee, fist-pump kind of thing. If it’s just a first period goal in the regular season, it’s just hands up and a little get-going [motion] to the crowd.

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You kind of look at the guy who has the most energy in the crowd. You kind of just make eye contact and celly with him.

KTW: What is the biggest goal you’ve scored to date?
CZ: It’s got to be the Prince George one [March 15, Sandman Centre], in the last few seconds of that game, the last minute with the pulled goalie, and the crowd went crazy.

KTW: How do you describe the feeling you get when you score a goal like that?
CZ: When it first happens, you kind of black out and then you have so much energy going through your body. It’s like I just drank four energy drinks and I could play three more games.

KTW: What type of music are you into?
CZ: I hit shuffle on the playlist. Sometimes it hits a couple soft songs, sometimes it’s some hard rap and sometimes some rock and roll. Whatever gets me going. I like to mix in a couple slow songs to keep me calm before the game.

KTW: If trainer Colin (Toledo) Robinson and GM Matt Bardsley were to race on skates, who would win?
CZ: I’ve got to go with my boy, Toledo, just because he’s my boy. He’s got it.

KTW: If Montana Onyebuchi were to fight Chris Murray in his prime, who would win?
CZ: I’m going to have to go with a draw. I’m not going anywhere near that. Those are big boys. That’s a heavyweight tilt.

KTW: Of the coaches on this team, who is the loudest on the bench?
CZ: They’re all kind of loud. I know when Dan De Palma gets on the bench, he likes to talk and he’s always saying the right things. I’ve got to go with Danno.

KTW: If you could have dinner with two people, anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?
CZ: That’s an interesting one. I’ve got to say Sidney Crosby and then maybe a guy like Barack Obama. He has a crazy-cool personality and the things he’s been through in life, it would be crazy to hear from him.

KTW: What would you cook for them?
CZ: My mom and dad try and teach me. Maybe give them some chicken breast or something. Nothing too crazy.

KTW: What’s your favourite food?
CZ: Steak and broccoli.

KTW: What is the hardest part about life in the WHL?
CZ: The bus trips, the three-in-threes, espcilally.

KTW: Who is the toughest D-man to play against right now in the league?
CZ: Maybe [Gianni] Fairbrother from Everett and [Kaedan] Korczak from Kelowna. If Montana was on a different team, I’d have to go with him. They’re strong guys and they read the play pretty well.

KTW: What is the No. 1 thing that motivates you to want to play in the NHL?
CZ: Just probably the love of the game. I have fun coming to the rink every day, whether it’s practice, whether it’s a workout. I always want to be on the ice. It’s always been a dream of mine. The support I have from my family and my friends, it’s unbelievable and it makes me want to do it even more.

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