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Track club hauls in three gold

The next batch of stars is emerging from Kamloops Track and Field Club.

Broncs get bad first halfs out of system

With six solid games under their belts, the Brocklehurst Broncs may have an easier than usual start to the provincials.

Event takes locals to ice racing edge

While you're sitting warm and comfortable reading this, Tony Allen and Guy Perrett are most likely two very cold and very sore individuals.

Team unity arrives for UCC women's volleyball

Their roster hasn't changed but the University College of the Cariboo women's volleyball squad is a new team.

Balanced offence impossible to stop

With all 11 players scoring in both games, it should have been impossible for the UCC Sun Demons to lose.

Kurzar's pair splits game wide open

Sarah Kurzar broke open a close game midway through the third period.

Day with Chiefs excites prospect

Forgive Wayne Wittal if he seems a little giddy today.

Allen and MacKenzie still tops in ice racing

Familiar names were in the order.

Forwards' strength impresses coach despite losses

Little mistakes cost the Kamloops Raiders two games on the weekend.

Spend a night with champions

Damon Allen is coming to Kamloops.