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Sabres win big in basketball

High-powered offence earned the Sa-Hali Sabres a big tournament win in Nanaimo.

Scotiabank minds on BCICA playdowns

Barry McPhee found himself in a place he's not accustomed to Monday. He was on the losing side of a Clarica Super League of Curling game.

Yamada earns berth at masters provincials

Revenge wasn't easy.

Classics in Top 8 while McGregor wins big

Using the Hyack Invitational as a training meet, several Kamloops Classics earned Top 8 finishes in Vancouver.

Sport needs able-bodied growth

When Kelly Smith set out to train for wheelchair racing, he never anticipated becoming a role model for young athletes.

Leclaire heads up Dilio Division all-star roster

Twice invited to Team Canada's training camp, Pascal Leclaire gets the nod from the Frank Dilio Conference as all-star.

Raiders on lookout for players

Rugby teams in Kamloops are always looking for players.

Dormer defends speed skiing title

Maybe John Dormer zigged when he should of zagged.

Steelers rack up big points

Using the worst team in the league as their victims, the 88 PaveRite Steelers worked hard to pad their stats.

Samson sets sights on X Games

It took a long time for Mike Samson's mom to watch. "The last time she came to a show, I broke my ankle," he grins. Samson ended up in a wheelchair for a while.