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Dearborn Ford's Christmas Spirit Unmatched

Another great year of promoting Christmas in Kamloops has come to an end — and this year featured an innovative twist. Our KTW Digital website christmasinkamloops.
Dearborn Ford’s Sales Manager Sam Thacker provides Christmas in Kamloops winner Tracy Allen her $1000 dollar prize with some added swag from Dearborn Ford and Bigfoot Trading Co.

Another great year of promoting Christmas in Kamloops has come to an end — and this year featured an innovative twist. 

Our KTW Digital website was designed with a love of Christmas and passion for supporting local businesses.

You can find great recipes, drink ideas and even great places to go sledding in the area.

The idea is to create amazing content that relates to the holiday season and host gift ideas from local retail and service shops.

Participating businesses pool investments to form a marketing campaign that invites people to view gift ideas and enter to win $1,000 at participating shops, with emphasis on encouraging Kamloopsians to shop local.

The idea has worked well for participating businesses for three years and momentum continues to grow.

KTW digital sales manager Chris Wilson was interrupted while explaining the idea to Justin Grover, general manager of a local dealership Dearborn Ford.

“How can we help?” Grover asked.

“This promotion is really there to help the small local business and provide a service to our community,” Wilson said. “I’m not sure it’s a fit for a dealership.”

Grover saw an opportunity.

“We do enough advertising for our business,” he said. “How can we help the other local businesses? That’s what I am asking.”

From there, Wilson and Grover formed a subsidy program that cut the investment in half for local businesses, an idea that led to record-setting participation.

Tracy Allen was shocked to win the $1,000 prize.

“I never win these contests,” Allen said with a laugh. That said, I am really grateful that I did.”

Tracy spent the money at Wild Cave Gift Shop, Big Foot trading Co. and The Ruby room.

Tracy noted her family decided to donate some of the prize-haul cash to local charities, adding a perfect pay-it-forward scenario that sparked from a passion for Christmas and desire to support the local Kamloops economy.

Visit the Christmas in Kamloops website for more information and to learn how to participate next year.