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Invest Well. Live Well: Our investment philosophy and 10 core beliefs

As a parent, I believe we want to instill certain virtues and values in our children.

As a parent, I believe we want to instill certain virtues and values in our children.

We have two daughters, ages eight and six, and some of the things we hope they learn are the value of a dollar, confidence to know right from wrong, compassion for others, etc.

Often, life pulls us in many directions, causing us to lose focus. I believe the world of investing can be similar, especially right now, during the COVID-19 crisis. It seems the media always has ‘’breaking news'' and because there is so much noise, even the most seasoned investors can get spun around.

t is worthwhile to come back to your foundation and beliefs. 

A few years back, Keith and I attended a workshop that pushed us to put our investment beliefs in writing and back them up with academic evidence. We strive to build client portfolios aligned to clients goals and comfort. Furthermore, we try to balance three competing forces: return, risk and costs (fees & taxes).

In addition, we try to reduce investor emotion by building portfolios that generate consistent income and lower volatility. The attached table is an introduction to our 10 core beliefs, which we plan to highlight and feature in future articles.

Until next time, Invest Well. Live Well.

Invest Well graphic May20

Written by Eric Davis.
This document was prepared by Eric Davis, vice-president, portfolio manager and investment advisor, and Keith Davis, investment advisor, for informational purposes only and is subject to change. The contents of this document are not endorsed by TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc.-Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. All insurance products and services are offered by life licensed advisors of TD Waterhouse Insurance Services Inc., a member of TD Bank Group. For more information, call 250-314-5124 or email