Santa Goes Digital This Christmas In Kamloops

There’s a lot to keep track over the holidays.

There are gifts to purchase, crafts to make, treats to bake, dinners to cook, friends to visit, parties to attend, and community events to bring your family to. There’s so much to keep track of that you almost find yourself wishing that there was an app for that.

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There isn’t, but there is a new website: Christmas in Kamloops.

Christmas in Kamloops is designed to be a hub of holiday information, where you can find everything you need to not just survive the holiday season, but thrive in it.

One thing you won’t find there, though, is information about the folks behind the project. That’s because they don’t want to get in the way of the message.

“It’s not about us,” they said. “We’re just trying to build a platform where we can support the local community, as well as the businesses in that community.

“And be your one stop shop for holiday information in Kamloops.”

They’ve certainly got that covered, with sections on the site dedicated to local gift ideas, recipes, drinks, carols, events, lights, sledding, Santa, crafts, and community news.

One of biggest reasons they put the site together was to help local businesses compete with the larger online retailers like Amazon, by giving them a stronger online presence. The desire to support the “bricks before clicks” is connected to the site’s overall theme of being a hub for the community — and that includes the community businesses that support the community they’re a part of.

It’s a site you’ll want to bookmark and come back to frequently, as it will be changing and evolving over the holidays. As new events come up, they’ll be added to the site’s event listings, and as new recipe and drink suggestions are submitted, those pages will be updated with new content.

If that wasn’t enough reasons to visit, Christmas in Kamloops is also giving away $1,000 in gift certificates that can be used at the retailers listed on the site. So not only will the site help you choose great gifts from local shops, it might even help you pay for them too.

To get the most out of Christmas in Kamloops, be sure to visit the site and then follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on the newest updates to the site. You might be surprised by just how much easier the holidays are after that.

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