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An overlooked key to health and wellness

Our health and wellness.
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Hey! I’m back!

I’m sorry about missing last month but “life” was happening to me. Someone very close to me had a health issue and I prioritized being with them to support them through their journey.

And that is a powerful segue to this week’s topic! So let’s get into it.

When you think of wellness and health what do you think of first? Nutrition? Exercise?

Maybe Sleep? Or even our environment like we discussed over the summer. Well there is another powerfully important area of wellness that we haven’t talked about yet.

Can you guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint. The last two years of COVID made it very noticeable for a lot of people. Did you guess it yet?

It’s Human Connection.

Connected, loving relationships nurture us in ways that aren’t easily measurable but can be felt at the depths of our being. Let me explain.

When we are connecting in an authentic, loving way it impacts our hormone production, our immune systems and most importantly our nervous system regulation—all in a good way!

All our healing and recuperation happens in the parasympathetic or “rest and digest” nervous system state so it’s important to be there as much of our day as possible.

Notice how these practices feel:

• to vent your emotional and psychological pain to a loved one.

• to give and receive a loving warm hug

• to support a loved one when they are in need

• simply to laugh and experience life with a true friend

• to enjoy the love and loyalty of a dog or a cat, or even a horse, hamster or jumping spider! (They are very loyal and loving as it turns out)

• It’s as easy as smiling and saying hello to a stranger as you walk down the street

All of these practices are examples of the importance of human connection and will support a healthier and happier you.

We evolved to survive and thrive in a tribe, not as a lone wolf. So reach out. Smile at that next person that passes you. Ask for a hug next time you are with someone you love. And most importantly, love yourself. We’ll talk about that next month.