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Art is Community

Art as a tool for expression and communication.
Art Gallery

When considering the benefits of the arts, the first to come to mind is likely its use as a tool for expression and communication. If you’ve ever perused one of the many galleries hosted by the Kamloops Arts Council, you’ve likely read an artist’s statement explaining how they have channeled some powerful emotions through their work and how creating and sharing those feelings has helped them in some way. Perhaps you, yourself, have taken a stab at journaling or completed a colouring page to destress after work; through art, we can expel negative emotions. Outreach programs such as the Kamloops Arts Council’s Crossing Bridges utilize art as therapy as well, further supporting art’s emotional and mental benefits.

On a larger scale, art gives us a place to gather as a society. From fine art showings to community theatre in the park, the arts provide an opportunity to gather with other people from all walks of life. A stroll through KAC’s Art in the Park at the annual Canada Day festivities demonstrates this perfectly; such an array of art forms crafted by people of all types can be found with an even wider array of people admiring it all. Cultures big and small unite through the arts to build better communities.

Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, is the economic growth arts can bring to communities. Of course, when we purchase art directly from the artist, we stimulate the economy; however, the benefits do not stop there. Programs such as the KAC’s Art in Public Spaces can also draw customers into its surrounding businesses; an arresting piece may cause people to pause on the sidewalk and inspire them to pop into one of the many charming boutiques in downtown Kamloops, for example. Additionally, art can be tied to the tourism industry as well. Consider the number of people who travel to New York City to peruse the Museum of Modern Art, to Paris to visit the Louvre, or to London to sing along to their favourite musical performed on the West End. These visits are motivated by the desire to experience art and can lead to jobs, revenue, and areas for growth.

Whether you realize it or not, art is all around us. When your favourite song plays on the radio or you drive past an eye-catching mural on the way to work or you hang up your child’s newest masterpiece on the fridge, these are just a handful of examples of how embedded art is in our day-to-day lives. These meeting points elevate our everyday experiences and draw attention to how beneficial art and artists are to fostering a flowering community such as Kamloops.

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