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Change your beliefs

We have to ‘believe’ that we are that amazing person that we know is inside of us.
Adam and Carl
Adam and Carl from Clear Impact.

Hello all you beautiful people!

Last month I talked about how to write a vision of who you choose to be in life.

If we want to change our experience of life, our situation, our relationships etc., we have to have a vision for who we are, and how we want to feel that is different than that.

We have to ‘believe’ that we are that amazing person that we know is inside of us.

Here’s an example that may make this idea clearer.

There is one common trait of most elite athletes and of most millionaires. They believe 100 percent in their hearts that they ARE a champion, that they are rich. That belief in who they are attracts opportunities to feel the same way—quantum physics, remember?

If we spend our days ruminating on our negative self-talk (I am a klutz, I am unattractive, I struggle to have enough money, I am fat and out of shape) then we will attract the reality that affirms these beliefs.

So how do we change that?

The answer may seem too simple. All we do is imagine being the person we want to be. The more we practice, the more we will attract from the positive energy instead of the negative. Now hey, this isn’t absolute, you’re still going to have doubt and negative thoughts come into your head. You’re human. But, with practice, you can start to type the scales and see what shows up.

So here is the process.

Print or write your vision that you wrote last month. You remember. Present tense, positive statements about who you choose to be.

I am fit and healthy. 

I am clear minded, positive and happy.

I have abundant financial wealth.

My relationships are nurturing, loving and mutually supportive.

Statements like that.

Stand in front of this list of your “Vision” and read it over. In your head and out loud a few times.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between imagining and actually doing, so you are training your brain that this is who you are. (This is why professional athletes use visualization before a golf shot, before a race etc.)

Now here is a powerful process to help lock this in.

Take one statement and sit with it for 2-3 minutes. Imagine in detail what it feels like to be that person. Don’t let the monkey mind shout in your ear that it’s not you! Imagine it to you can, feel the powerfully positive feeling of being that person. Then tell yourself. YES. THAT IS ME! I AM FIT AND HEALTHY!

Practice this and practice ‘believing it.’ It does take practice.

And then, let it go. And have faith that the universe, your subconscious mind, your heart, whatever you want to call it is listening to you. You will start to attract new things into your life that allow you to connect to that same feeling. 

Don’t feel like you have to figure out how to make it happen. (That is our ego training!) Just let it go.

Now I have share with you two powerful foundational practices that open the door to creating the space in your life to make powerful shifts in the areas of your life that are most important to you.

HeartFlow Breathing

Vision Activation

But to be successful in locking in the benefits of these practices you must practice consistently. This is a big challenge for most people when our nervous systems are revved up and stressed. That is why it is important to have an accountability partner or a coach to keep you on track. In fact, 95 percent of people can’t stick with programs that challenge their monkey mind which likes the patterns we are stuck in.

If you are really feeling stuck and are quite frankly fed up with it we would be happy to offer you a free coaching call to explore how you can create the life that you want to live.

Sign up for a  free call on our website,

And have a spectacular day!