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Did you practice?

Attracting Positive Energy
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How’s it going?

Did you practice your breathing? If you didn’t, that’s ok. Our monkey brain (that cunning and powerful little voice in your head) will tell you “this is stupid or I don’t have time for this” but I’ll tell you one thing—it works. Hundreds of our clients that have gotten “unstuck” are proof of it. (And practicing 3 times a day takes less than 2 minutes, so, yes, you do have time).

So if you haven’t tried it, go back to last month’s article and give it a try. And notice what shows up.

Now there is another critical foundational practice to master (and it doesn’t take much time each day) if you want to make a shift in your life to enjoy better health, better relationships, more happiness and fulfillment.

It’s getting our brain working for us instead of against us. That’s right, your brain is attracting the life you live with your common thoughts and feelings.

If you spend a lot of time worrying about the future, feeling regret and shame about the past and thinking negative thoughts about all the bad stuff that happens to you then you are actually attracting more of the same.

Yup, you are attracting it. And, no, this isn’t some ‘fufu’ spiritual stuff, it’s science. It’s called quantum physics.

Science tells us that energy attracts like-energy. Each of us emits a vibrational energy with our thoughts and our feelings. You know how when you enter a room with a narcissistic bully present you can sense the negative energy? Or alternatively, when you are in the presence of someone with really positive charismatic energy, you can feel the positivity?

We are attracting all day every day. If we ruminate on negative thoughts and feelings, worry, regret, shame, anger, frustration, we will attract it back. On the other hand, when we train ourselves—and yes, it takes practice—to think and feel positive aspirations, gratitude, happiness, we attract more of that. And, most powerfully when we train ourselves to feel love and worthiness FOR OURSELVES, it’s incredibly powerful.

We call that “Activating a Vision.” But oops, I’m out of space for today. Check back next month and I’ll explain a bit further how we do that. If you don’t want to wait that long check out our website at and have a chat with Adam and he’ll fill you in!

Mastering these two foundational practices open the door to easily shift to a healthier lifestyle. We’ll get into the meat of that in later articles as well.