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Hey, I’m back!

Having a clearer mind and more energy.
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We’re coming into summer, exciting right?! 

I, for one, am ready for some warm nights, some sunny days and some time out on the trails and on the beach.

That plan has a lot of us thinking these days about our fitness. All that stagnant living and comfort food over the winter can so easily add a few pounds around the belly. Not to mention some brain fog, lower energy and a good dose of sadness for some.

So what are you going to do to kickstart your fitness this spring so you can feel confident, vibrant and healthy on your way to the beach this summer?

Here’s a tip for losing some of those pounds, having a clearer mind and more energy throughout your day.

And no, not a diet.

And not an exercise program.

Just start drinking more water and start getting a good sleep. 

That’s right. 

Water is essential for so many processes in our bodies but one thing it’s critical for is metabolizing fat. Without enough water in your system you stop metabolizing fat because it is a critical ingredient in the first step of burning fat. It’s called Hydrolysis.

Sleep is also critical for metabolizing fat. It’s a 1-2 punch right to the gut!

• A lack of quality sleep impacts the production of hormones that control our appetite. Less Sleep = More Hunger (and usually for those naughty carbs!)

• Poor sleep also significantly reduces our ability to burn fat. Much of our fat is metabolized at night while we sleep. Less sleep = Less Fat Burning

So yes, of course, start getting creative with your healthier eating, get out for a walk, do some yoga or whatever your jam is. 

But make sure you are drinking tons of water and getting a good sleep!

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Life is Awesome!