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Host your own gallery with the Kamloops Arts Council

Kamloops Arts Council - Hosting your own gallery.
2019outreach exhibit_2
2019 Outreach Exhibit

One of the most amazing things the Kamloops Arts Council offers is the ability to host your own gallery – That’s right! A whole exhibit just for YOU. One of the difficult things about being an artist is finding a place to host your work. With the KAC, it’s actually a very accessible option to gain exposure.

The Kamloops Arts Council is proud to say that their galleries host all levels of artists, from beginners to the established. Sometimes artists don’t have enough pieces that could fill a whole gallery, and there are options to remedy that situation. First, they have 4 different gallery spaces to choose from that can work with many different styles of art. And second, artists always have the option of collaborating with other artists! In the past, the KAC has hosted exhibitions by a number of arts and community groups like the Fibre Art Network, Kamloops Photo Arts Club, Artisans of Options & Opportunities, the Thompson Valley Potters’ Guild, the Artists’ Studio, Sisters Allied Against Violence (YWCA), Phoenix Centre, and many others. That being said, any range of artists can submit for their own gallery; you don’t have to be a professional or part of a collective at all.

For artists, finding exhibition space can be extremely challenging – especially for those just starting out. The KAC offers an opportunity for artists to get exposure and build their CVs while gaining experience on what it takes to install a show. The Galleries also provides the general public with a free opportunity to see all kinds of artwork by local artists which helps to enrich and connect our community.

Galleries are available to rent for up to 4 weeks of exhibit time, but they’re typically booked 1-2 years in advance so it’s best to reach out when you first get the idea. A KAC representative assists artists with preparing and installing their show. Artists are expected to do most of the publicity for their exhibition and may host an opening reception and/or artist’s talk; however, all of this is with support from the Kamloops Arts Council. They can even add pieces from the exhibition to their online shop, should the artist agree.

If you have ever submitted to one of the annual KAC shows, like Art Exposed in March or SMALL//works in November, or the Outreach Exhibit, think about the grand opportunity to have a gallery all to yourself. Or, if you need an extra friend or two for a gallery, host your own public collective gallery.

You can find out more about the submission to your own gallery here at

Artists can feel free to speak to staff or go look at gallery spaces at the Kamloops Arts Council offices in the Old Courthouse, 7 Seymour Street West, Kamloops, BC V2C 1E4. Call 250.372.7323 or email