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Is it true that Drake has retired and recently sold his cremation and funeral business?

The new owners of Drake’s Cremation and Funeral Service.
Left to right, Noah, Emma, Abigail and Nolan Adam have recently arrived in Kamloops. The Adams are the new owners of Drake Cremation and Funeral Services.

Many of you will be sad to hear that Drake did, in fact, sell his funeral home. My name is Nolan Adam and along with my wife Abigail and our children Emma and Noah, I’m honoured to announce that we are the new owners of Drake’s Cremation and Funeral Service.

I am a third generation funeral director who always wanted to be like my grandpa. He started his very own funeral business in a small community in rural Manitoba and ever since I was 8 years old, I knew that this profession was what I wanted to do.

At 10 years old, I was cutting grass and cleaning cars, and at 16 years old I received my first black suit, keys to a black funeral vehicle and a large black bag which held a very heavy cell phone. Fast forward many years later, and here I am, with children who are 9 and 7 who have already begun cutting grass and cleaning cars. When they each turn sixteen will get keys to a black car, a black suit but the cell phone they receive will be a little smaller.

Drake, and his wife Avril, have built a tremendous business — a business based on the principal of “Treat people how you yourself want to be treated.” They served the grieving families of Kamloops and surrounding communities with love, care and compassion and my family and I will work tirelessly to fill the void that their well-earned retirement leaves.

I know many of you now are thinking, “This is fine, but what about Maggie? She is star of the show.” I am sorry to report that even though I tried to get Maggie as part of the package, she has retired from the business as well. But do not fear, my equally cute Husky puppy Dante is up to the task and follows me wherever I go.

I look forward to becoming part of this beautiful community and when the time comes, serving you with the same love, care, and compassion for which Drake was so well known. If I can help in any way, please email me at