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It’s all in your head

Clearing your mind for a better vision.
Adam and Carl
Adam and Carl from Clear Impact.

It’s all in your head.

There, I said it.

If you are frustrated with your ability to improve your fitness and wellness, your relationships, your abundance and ultimately your happiness, stop focusing on what you need “to do” to achieve your  goals.

Stop  “putting it on the to-do list.”

That just doesn’t work. Sure we get stuff done, but it also adds to our stress and we never seem to achieve the results we really want.

Here’s what our mind tells us:

“I just need to commit to the gym; I just need to get a better job; I just need to get strict about my eating; I just need to find someone that knows how to love...”

So if it’s just stuff you need to do what’s stopping you?

There’s nobody sitting at your front door or in front of your fridge physically stopping you.

That’s because it’s all in your head.

It’s what you think, it’s what you believe (about yourself) and it’s your physical and mental reaction to stress. That’s what is stopping you.

Our mind tells us “It’s too hard; I don’t have enough time; there’s something wrong with me...” (add your story here.)

In this revved up world we need to focus on shifting and releasing those things that are blocking us. We need to get our head straight, our energy aligned with our vision.

Then we can (far more effortlessly) attract the things “to-do” that will bring us the happiness, the abundance and yes, the love, we have been pining for.

But how do we do that?

It’s what I’ve been writing about these last few months. If you missed those articles send me a message on Facebook Messenger (Carl Svangtun) or send me an e-mail at and i’ll hook you up.

It’s the right tools, in the right order.

• Calm your mind (i.e., regulate your nervous system)

• Create and activate (practice) a vision of who you want to be, how you want to feel.

These two practices take about 10 minutes a day. Relatively simple, it just takes practice. If you commit to these two practices every day you will start to see results in a matter of days, not weeks, not months.

But it does take something.

It takes the courage to take the first step (that’s the hardest part, telling the noisy monkey mind you are going to try something different).

And it usually takes some accountability and a community of support. We didn’t evolve to be a lone wolf, we evolved to achieve greatness within a tribe!

In the next few months I will be discussing powerful yet simple practices to improve your wellness and build a more resilient you in all the key areas of wellness: Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Environment and Human Connection.

But remember this— your ability to manifest the results you want will be determined by how effectively you get your head right first.

It’s all in your head people.