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It’s July already! What!?

The days are just flying by.
Adam and Carl
Adam and Carl from Clear Impact.

The days are just flying by aren’t they?

And somehow those goals we have around getting in better shape or improving our habits never seem to get started and the days and weeks just slip away.

When I’m feeling like that I remember to tell myself that wellness is not about having to commit to a restrictive program for a few weeks, but instead it’s about changing simple habits, for life.

Let’s take eating for instance. 

What we put into our bodies obviously has a huge impact on our energy, on how we feel and our overall wellness and fitness. And yes, when we overindulge it can have real short and long term consequences. But diets suck! 

So instead, we focus on a counterintuitive approach when it comes to nutrition. 

We call it a “just add” philosophy. Instead of focusing on not eating carbs, limiting calories or cutting back on certain foods, we focus on adding in powerfully nutritious sources of protein, good fats and yes, good complex carbohydrates to our meals.

When we start to give our bodies more of what we need nutritionally it becomes easier to let go of all the extra “nutritionally empty” snack foods and processed foods that aren’t good for us.

This works for a couple of reasons.

• When we are intentional about adding nutritionally dense foods into our diets, we are present in the moment to our choices. This creates just that. The space for choice. For instance when we are preparing a nutritious (and tasty!) salad, adding some healthy seeds like hemp or maybe some organic sprouts from the local market, we are present and can more easily choose NOT to add that extra piece of garlic bread or dessert!

• When we consume good fats, proteins and complex carbs they digest more slowly than simple carbs like sugar and processed foods. This keeps us feeling full/satisfied for longer and will reduce the snack cravings.

• When we let go of the focus on limiting our guilty pleasures we create the space to make simple changes to our diet, that can become new habits, one small thing at a time. For instance you might choose to just start adding two glasses of water to your morning consumption. That’s it, something simple. Practice it for a few weeks until it becomes a habit. Then add something else. Like having a healthy smoothie each morning or making Sunday the day you make a healthy soup to enjoy through the week. Get creative and make it fun! Eating can be a powerful act of self love!

Try these simple techniques and by the time September rolls around you will have four or five new healthy habits developed as part of your normal life. Then watch some of the unhealthy eating habits start to fall away, with way less effort.

There are many more ways you can shift your eating habits and create a healthy love affair with food. Send me an e-mail to and I’ll share some with you!

And if you’re really feeling stuck in a rut and want to transform the quality of your life, join our Facebook group “Holistic Personal Growth” and we can connect there or go to our website  and schedule a free consultation with my friend, partner and fellow Personal Transformation Coach, Adam Hart.

Life is Awesome!