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Clear Impact - Activating a Vision.
Clear Impact - A Self Care Community

Hey everyone, how is it going?

Are you enjoying the richness of life with gratitude, peace and calm? Personal growth? Being in service to others while holding space for your own self care and self love?

Or are you stuck in patterns that make you depressed, anxious, bored and even angry?

Well our thoughts and feelings, our “story” about who we are as an individual actually keep us stuck there. Our mind wants to tell us that it is because of other people or because of all the bad stuff that has happened to us. But that is just not true. 

We always have options of how we are going to be in any moment, despite other people, despite our situation. There are many things we can’t control in this life, but the one thing we can influence and train and develop is our feelings, our energy and our happiness.

And here is a powerful tool to practice that opens the door for more happiness, more abundance, more positive relationships and better wellness.

It’s called Activating a Vision.

Now this isn’t setting a goal and then working our butts off to achieve it. It’s not “I need to lose 30 pounds” so we go on a restrictive diet and force ourselves to go to exercise class four times a week. That process just adds more stress.


It’s different than that.

What we are going to do is train our brain that we ARE the person we want to be. And we are going to practice being in that “feeling” of being that person. That will allow our energy to attract opportunities to “feel” that same way. Little things will start to show up in our lives that we are intuitively attracted to trying.

Here’s the first step.

Write a vision of yourself at your best, using these three rules

Present tense - “I am” or “I have” Not “I want” or “I will”

Positive - “I am fit and healthy” not “I want to lose 30 pounds”

Passionate - “ I love what I see when I look in the mirror in the morning!”

Here are some examples of common vision statements (and some that are in my vision)

I am fit and healthy (and I love what I see when I look in the mirror in the morning!)

I am confident, calm and loving

I am worthy (of love, abundance, etc.)

I wake up energized with a clear, sharp mind and have boundless energy throughout the day!

I love my children just as they are and hold loving space for them to be happy and healthy

Next month I will share with you the powerful process of activating your vision to start to shift those negative thoughts that you hold about yourself.

For now. Write the vision and sit with each statement. Imagine what it feels like to be that person. Connect to that feeling.

If you are eager to get moving to utilize this tool before next month visit our website and set up a free call with my business partner Adam Hart

Oh, and remember to keep breathing to calm (regulate) that nervous system. 4 seconds in, seven seconds out, repeat.

Have a spectacular rest of your day!