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Show what you got at the Kamloops Arts Council

How exhibitions come alive at the Kamloops Arts Council and how you can get involved
Dragon’s Lair
Twyla Jensen - Dragon’s Lair

For many many years, Kamloops has always had a flourishing arts community, with multiple art galleries, theatres and support programs in and around the city. If you didn’t know, the Kamloops Arts Council is one of, if not the largest supporter of artists in the Kamloops area.

The Kamloops Arts Council has over 600 members who are made up of artists from all different disciplines and arts supporters who subscribe each year to watch the city and the artists within it thrive.

There are many perks to being a member of the Kamloops Arts Council, including exhibitions at the Kamloops Arts Council, discounts for workshops, entry fees and more, as well as plenty of exposure through events and advertising by the KAC.

Twyla-Lea Jensen is a member of the KAC and is an artist in her own right. Jensen’s artwork consists of copper and silver jewelry making, alcohol ink painting and working with resin. Jensen recently held an exhibition at the Kamloops Arts Council at the beginning of August this year and showcased many of her alcohol ink with resin paintings. She also has a piece at the Kamloops Airport with help from the KAC’s Art in Public Spaces program.

When asked about how the process of doing an exhibition works, Jensen said “When they have openings, you submit your work and they give you a slot.” Easily enough, members interested in hosting a gallery at the Kamloops Arts Council can fill out the exhibition request form on the KAC’s website and when a space is available for them, they come on in and set up their exhibition.

Jensen felt very pleased and proud of her exhibition at the KAC. “It was awesome,” she said, “I felt honoured.” For Jensen, the exhibition was an opportunity for her to get some exposure rather than keeping her work in her home.

“It’s a pretty easy process. The hardest part is hanging the work yourself,” Jensen said.

Normally the KAC would also host an opening gala for each exhibition, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those are on pause at the moment.

Jensen’s advice to those interested in having their own exhibition would be to have a variety of works to showcase without overcrowding and nice hangers for their artwork.

Jensen recently just moved back to Kamloops and believes it’s worth it to become a member. Her favourite thing about the KAC is the SMALL//works exhibition as “it’s really cool that anyone with any level of artistry can apply to be a part of that.”

Anyone can become a member of the Kamloops Arts Council just by signing up on their website. Prices range from $10 for a Student Supporter membership per year to $150 for a Corporate membership per year. There are also hardship memberships available for those who would like to become a member, regardless of their income.

Visit for more information.