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SMALL//works will be back for another show!

The Kamloops Arts Council annual big teeny-tiny art show is returning once again
Elaine Burns
Elaine Burns holding one of her paintings

After another year, the KAC is bringing back the annual SMALL//works show to help fundraise for the KAC and support artists in the Kamloops area.

SMALL//works is an annual show that is also a fundraiser for the Kamloops Arts Council. The show contains a variety of different types of work, including photography, acrylic, oil, watercolour, felting, fabric art, sculpture, pottery, block prints, digital prints, and much more. Last year, the KAC had 52 artists and over 300 pieces of artwork in the show and for sale.

Elaine Burns, a past-participant of SMALL//works and an oil painter, has been successful and sold many pieces at the annual event in the past. This is Burns’ third year of submitting to SMALL//works and she will have 6-8 pieces in the show this time around.

“This year will be my third year where I’ve submitted artwork to this show and for me, it is a great way to get exposure for my art,” Burns said. “To have it hanging in a gallery and having people come by and see my art is what we as artists strive to have.”

Burns added “the other thing I really like about the SMALL//works [show] is that it is a fundraiser for the KAC. So 50 percent of all the sales go to the KAC and it supports their endeavours.”

All of the pieces within the SMALL//works show are small and prices don’t exceed $300 so it’s the perfect shopping event for the holidays and gift-giving season.

Burns said that her experience with SMALL//works has been good. “The first year, I think I only submitted maybe 5 pieces, but last year I put in 8 pieces and they sold in the first week! I was just thrilled,” Burns said. “You just don’t know what people are going to like and to have your work purchased, it’s just a rewarding feeling that there are people out there who are willing to put their money behind your work and actually have it hanging in their homes and giving the art a forever home.”

Burns defines her type of artwork as impressionistic realism. “I take most of my source material from nature,” Burns said. “I love doing my work from my memory, so a lot of work that I do with my oil paints is nature scenes, sometimes imagination, and sometimes from trips I’ve taken around the world. The source for inspiration is endless really when it comes to art.”

Burns hopes that lots of people come to the show whether or not they purchase art, but just to see artists work.

“I want to really encourage people to come and see the show, and to just view the art,” Burns said, “even if you don’t buy anything, it’s nice to just come and see what’s being created in Kamloops these days and our artists from the region and to support the KAC, perhaps by buying a piece of art and supporting our local artists as well.”

SMALL//works will be at the Kamloops Arts Council Galleries from November 20 to December 19 during the Old Courthouse Cultural Centre’s open hours.

“I always say, giving art is a gift from the heart,” said Burns.

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