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Summer is here!

Summer is finally here!
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Ahhh Summer!!!

What a blessing!

Prime time for getting outside and moving, walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, climbing, throwing, building a tree fort or foraging in the forest.

There are so many ways we can be active in the summer that just feels natural and easy to get up and do.

That is because they are just that. Natural. It’s how we evolved as animals on this planet so it just feels right.

We didn’t evolve to exercise intensely four times a week and then sit on the couch the rest of the time.

And that’s what I want to talk about. Exercise vs Movement.

In our western culture we have this huge “exercise” industry that says we can get in top shape by doing cross-fit, Peloton, weightlifting, running, yoga etc. to offset our sedentary lifestyles.

Now I’m not saying any of these activities are bad, if you really enjoy them (not for the adrenaline rush, but really get in flow in that activity) that’s great.

So why is it that, for many of us, the idea of a gym membership, going running or going to hot yoga 4 times a week just adds stress to our minds?

It’s because:

• We are overwhelmingly out of shape in our culture and it’s really hard to commit to intense exercise when we are living in a revved up stressed out state (see previous articles)

• We naturally evolved to be moving ALL THE TIME, not exercising intensely four times a week for an hour.

So what can we do? MOVE! There are literally hundreds of ways we can shift our lifestyle to be an ant (quite energetic don’t you think?) instead of a sloth.

• Turn off the TV!

• Take the stairs not the escalator

• Park in the farthest spot not the closest at the store

• Stand and stretch while watching TV

• Stretch a part of your body when waiting in line

• Carry a grocery basket instead of pushing a cart (and do some curls with it!)

• Walk or bike to the store don’t drive

• Start a garden

Need I go on? Literally thousands of ways we can add movement to our lifestyle.

So be a mover not an occasional exerciser and you will start to see the results that are sustainable and you’ll have more energy to keep doing more!

And hey, do what you enjoy. Don’t go to the gym because someone told you it’s the best way to burn fat. Do what you enjoy and it won’t seem like work!

Now get outside and have a spectacular summer!