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'Sir' Keith Moore remembers

Trooper Keith S. Moore of the 28th Canadian Armoured Regiment (British Columbian Regiment) Canadian Armoured Corps., celebrated his 96th birthday on October 28. A few days earlier, he shared an account of his military service during WWII.

Care aides embrace new careers

October 18 is Health Care Assistant Day and seems as good a time as any to celebrate these front line health care workers that provide some of the most basic care to care home residents, hospital patients, and independent clients.

Grandparents raising grand kids

By Moneca Jantzen Most grandparents, aunts and uncles expect to enjoy the privilege of spoiling their grandchildren, nieces and nephews and returning them to their parents after a visit, but for many families this privilege never materializes.

ALS Society hits the Dunes in August: Golf tournament serves as annual Kamloops fundraiser

By Moneca Jantzen Nancy Lynds has been sharing her family's Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) story as a way to give back to an organization that offered critical help to her and her husband during their time of extraordinary need.

Legion 52 celebrates 90th Anniversary this June

By Moneca Jantzen This month, the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52 Kamloops is marking a significant milestone, namely its 90th anniversary alongside the nationally recognized Legion Week set to take place from June 23 to July 1.

Container gardening answer to fresher food

Submitted by Lynda Krupp, Overlander Women's Institute Preservatives are commonly used to keep our food looking fresh because most of us are prepared to spend more money on something in the supermarket if it is labelled as 'fresh' or looks 'fresh.

Seasons of a Blazers 'mom'

Val Davidson has been a Blazers “mom” for the past six years and this day and the day before were the bittersweet days of the season where she had to say farewell to her billets — Collin Shirley, Erik Miller and Nolan Kneen.

Career mom provides 'TRU' home

Marilyn Hammond has made a career of being a “mom.” Landing in Kamloops 40 years ago in 1977, Marilyn worked for Interior Computing before starting her family with husband Gerry.

Hearts continue growing stronger with Father Daughter Winter Ball

By Nikki Fredrikson The bond between a father and his little girl is unlike any other relationship. He’s her rock and she’s his little princess.

Pins for all occasions

By Jessica Messerer-Trosin Irene Covington’s holiday-themed pins have brought smiles to the faces of many people. Always a fan of crafting, Covington began knitting at age 19, but eventually she grew tired of it.